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People wear our shoes and it is important to make shoes with love and passion for shoes in mind.

Rebirth has been inspired by everything we have been through this year. The fight is not over, but we have definitely learnt a lot from it already.

Mother earth is so important to us, that’s why we call her ‘mother’ earth and yet we never treat her right. This period of lockdown taught us that when we are absent nature lives on, regrows, flourishes. We unfortunately cannot undo the damage we have done, but we can change our ways by reducing the negative impacts. In this collection Jerelyn aims at just that. She is not only inspired by the beautiful plants and flowers and the gorgeous insects that facilitate the regrowth of nature, but she also has researched to find materials that will reduce the impact our fashion habits have on mother nature.

Jerelyn has collaborated with a research and development company who works with tanneries that create leather that is sustainable, they call their project 3R which is reduce, reuse and recycle. Don’t be fooled by the word recycle, recycle in this case is not recycled leather, but recycled materials that are used by tanneries to create the finished leather product, for example water. Water is recycled therefore, reusing water to reduce the impact on the environment by reducing Co2 emissions, reducing consumption of energy, water, and waste materials.

Roberto Double Monk's

Artisanal Italian & Spanish quality

Our women’s shoes are all made by hand from start to finish in Italy while our men’s shoes are handcrafted in Spain every model is designed thoughtfully (always to be different from the rest) unique and genuine.

It is very important to Jerelyn that every shoe is handmade and cared for equally, as the idea was always to create artisanal shoes made by the artisan more and the machine less.

Our Men’s collection are all Goodyear Welted, with beautiful non slip soles. At Jerelyn Creado we put quality before anything, with materials sourced from only the best tanneries. A point to remember  is – real leather shoes are always unique in the way they look every piece of leather has its own natural feature, this should not be considered a defect but as its character, making every shoe unique which gives  every shoe has its own individual personality.

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