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The choice to be sustainable is up to you. We’ve made that choice and we chose sustainability. Using real leather (which we know is) biodegradable and tanned using the minimum amount of energy and water, we are doing our bit. Are you?
Our SS2021 collection at Showcase Roma
Thank you Altaroma for the opportunity
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Men’s Goodyear welt

We are very excited about our launch of the men’s collection. We have tried and tested our men’s shoes on a very enthusiastic volunteer and we can confirm that the results we superb.

 Here, is an image for you to understand what exactly goes into making a good, Goodyear welted shoe.

A Goodyear welt is a strip of leather, rubber, or plastic that runs along the perimeter of a shoe outsole. In our case, it’s leather. “Goodyear welt construction” involves stitching a welt to the upper and a strip of preformed canvas like a “rib” that runs all around and bottom (known as “gemming”) cemented to the insole of a shoe as an attach-point for the out sole or midsole (depending on the Goodyear welt variant). The space enclosed by the welt is then filled with cork for breathability), and the outsole is both cemented and stitched to the welt. This make the shoe, stronger, more sturdy and more comfortable.

We make our men’s shoes in Spain, the artisans working on our shoes have more than 50 years of experience in making men’s shoes. They mostly work with Goodyear welt, but also work with Blake welt and are passionate and very proud of what they deliver.

Below is a tiny video of our Cristian being made:

We are looking for collaborators

So, It’s been a 18 months since we started Jerelyn Creado and it has been a rollercoaster ride so far from the process of production, to selling online to the various articles published.

As you know already all our  women’s shoes are handmade in Italy from start to finish no part of our shoes are made elsewhere and every shoe is carefully designed keeping in mind style and comfort.

While all our men’s shoes are handmade in Spain from start to finish. They are also all Goodyear welted, the Spanish artisans makes sure every part of the shoe is well crafted to ensure perfect fit and quality.

If you are a retailer and like our product and would like to talk to us about the different options please contact us on or simply Whatsapp us on +39 3481548709

We are looking for retailers in Italy, Spain, UK and anywhere else in the world!

We speak English, Italian and Spanish and thanks to google translate any other language

The reason I decided to design shoes and make them in Italy

At a very young age I was driven by fashion and designing. At the age of five I was obsessed with shoes and clothes, I used to design my own dresses for different occasions, but shoes have always been the dream.

As a child, I had no idea that one could design shoes for a living and I remained oblivious to this fact until I was about 15. After choosing to pursue a career in events I always felt like there was so much missing. I secretly designed shoes in my free time after I moved to the UK and preserved my passion for creating shoes alive, while not being able to pursue it as career I fulfilled my dream by purchasing shoes a bit too often.

A few years later I relocated to Italy. I worked as in English teacher in Milan and as you already might know, Milan is the fashion capital of Italy. The dream that I had shoved to the back of my mind was now back, so I started researching, watching videos of how beautiful Italian shoes were made. I was in love with the magnificent designs of Manolo Blahnik, Casadei, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti and wanted to know how and where these shoes were made, obviously we all know where they are made and that is Italy. Italian craftsmanship is one of the best in the world, in fact I am led to believe that it is the best! Italian made shoes are well know all over the world, the phrase made in Italy brings a sparkle to everyone’s eyes.

Italian shoes are the finest because they are handmade, that’s not all. They are made using time honoured techniques and by highly skilled craftsmen. Artisans are able to create a great fit and make sure every detail is perfect when they work on shoes by hand, this is mainly because making shoes by hand is a slow process where every detail is paid attention to, we all know machines don’t work the same way your hands do. This precision and attention makes Italian made shoes unique and higher in quality. We all also know Italians are synonymous with style and quality.

I design every shoe with precision, knowing what I want and what my client wants. Every design I create is distinctive and never repeated and the artisans I work with are aware of this. Coordination and a great work relationship is key to making beautiful and high-quality shoes. That is what JC shoes are all about. I spend weeks with the artisan developing the designs I have created until they go into production and then again days on quality control. Working with artisans, you know you don’t have to worry about quality, because artisans value quality more than anything.

I will have to say, it wasn’t easy finding an artisan in Italy, but we did find one that is brilliant in what they do and hand make every pair of shoes from start to finish. The leather is cut by the artisan and not by a machine and that is what is vital. Hand work is imperative to me, this guarantees that every pair of shoe is well made and most of all comfortable.

Going back to the story of how I got in to footwear designing, after years and money spent on buying shoes my husband suggested that I make my own shoes, my first reaction was a loud chuckle, but then after giving it a bit more consideration I decided to google a few courses, after all I was living in Italy and what better place to learn shoe making/ designing. I stumbled upon a pattern making and prototyping course in Milan and decided I wanted to go there. Now comes the part where I had to be strong, because I had to work a few years before I could afford to do the course. So, I worked hard, very hard and collected money to pursue this dream that I dreamt about since I was 5. In 2017, I was finally in Milan moving into my rented apartment super excited to start what I always wanted to do. THE BEST EXPERINCE OF MY LIFE! I never loved doing anything as much I did this. Waking up every morning was amazing because I knew I was going to have yet another best day of my life. I knew then and still know now that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Designing shoes is and will always be one of the greatest decisions of my life the one after I decided to marry my husband. 2017 was the best year of my life, because it is the year I married the love of my life and the year I followed the passion of my life, two best decisions of my life. My husband is the one that encouraged me to start my own brand and without his support I wouldn’t. All I can say is life is perfect.

Jerelyn Creado shoes is built on a foundation of passion and love for quality. All our shoes are handmade in Italy by medium scale artisans, we create one-off designs that are never repeated and we have great respect for a woman’s individuality. Be whatever you want to be and try not to be a follower.



Fashion South & Design, Marseille

Fashion South and Design is a new event organised in Marseille at MIF68 and it is their first edition. The organisers want to bring together designers from France and the mediterranean all together under one roof where visitors, press and buyers are all welcome to visit.

This exclusively dedicated to designers of various fields, from clothes, jewellery, shoes, furniture, and garden. This is a great oppurtunity for all designers to come together to show their creations and the things they love to do. a toolkit for new talents and entrepreneurs.

MIF68 is an international fashion centre a platform dedicated to fashion which boasts 80 showrooms of clothes, jewellery, shoes and different fashion accessories.

Jerelyn Creado Shoes will be participating in Fashion South & Design. We are very proud and excited to be participating in the first edition and hopefully in the future editions to come. We will be showcasing a capsule summer flat collection that will be presented at FS&D for the first time with only a limited number pairs to be sold making it very exclusive to the owner.

To buy tickets log on to

We  invite you to join us in Marseille to enjoy a lovely weekend in June on the 1st and 2nd along with Fashion South & Design, some gorgeous French wine and plenty of sunshine. 

Hoping to see you there!

MODA Made in Italy

We are participating in MODA made in Italy this year in Munich come visit us at stand A23 and view our beautiful collection this 24th, 25th and 26th March in Munich, Germany.

MODA made in Italy is one of the go-to event for footwear and leather accessories. Organized by ‘ANCI Servizi’ and promoted by ‘Assocalzaturifici’, it has been operating since 1993 within the MOC Veranstaltungszenter in Munich and for 50 editions it has acted as the industry’s trading platform, indispensable for the best-selling European brands on the market. The fact that it takes place at the closing of the season allows buyers to focus on purchasing trends.

British Vogue Designer Profile

It was the day after my birthday, I was spending that week in Granada, when I received an email in my inbox that read CLASSVOGUE@…. I was a bit surprised and suspicious at the same time and thought it was a joke or a one of those fake emails trying to get money from you. Nevertheless, I was curious so I opened the email and it read “Dear Jerelyn, we came across your website online and think you would be a perfect fit to showcase on our designer profile for British Vogue”. They also said that after reviewing my online presence online they felt that I would make a really unique addition to the page and appeal great to their affluent readers.

I was ecstatic and over the moon to say the least. The first thing I did was ring my husband to tell him what had just happened and he couldn’t believe it either, but after calming down a bit and evaluating everything we decided why not. It is a great opportunity to be featured in Vogue. Obviously, I had to remain calm and enquire more about this proposal that was made it me. I emailed them back to know more after which I found out that Vogue handpicks designers to feature in their Designer profile and I fit the criteria, this is one of the important sections in Vogue for designers along with the Jewellery Designer profile

The Designer Profile showcases different designers from around the world and their design stories to their affluent readers, it is designed with the intention of showcasing range of hand selected upcoming designers to 1.2 million readers of Vogue. Also, the magazine if even more stronger than before after the appointment of Vogue’s new editor Edward Enninful. His first issue was up 50% after 2 weeks on sale in 2018.

Well anyway, I am more than happy to introduce my lovely shoes to you in Vogue’s February issue. I had only dreamed that I would be on British Vogue and here is a dream come true. A proud moment for me and everyone that has been by my side encouraging me in every step I take with Jerelyn Creado as a brand


Collection Inspiration

Every shoe in this collection is dedicated to a woman in my life, the women that have inspired me and taught me what it is to be strong and independent yet kind and nurturing. Women teach each other from their experiences about various things, my mother taught me to be kind, she taught me to be patient. My mother in law taught me to cook, she also taught me to speak Italian. While my friends taught me to love them and accept myself and them for all our faults. Each shoe is a reflection of each person.

Francesca is named after my professor at school in Milan who taught me about being approachable, every time I had a doubt she was always there to explain to me why certain things were the way they were, she is young and a very talented woman who is an expert at what she does. While, Silvia is dedicated to my sister in law, she knows what she wants and when she does not like something she makes sure that everyone knows it, on the other hand she is a wonderful mother of three who is always ready to accommodate herself for the better of her children.

Stela is bold and never shy, she taught me to be strong and patient in any tough situation, just as she is.

The ankle boot Marija is dedicated to my friend Marija who always had on ankle boots in Autumn which accentuated her sleek and slender figure.

Divya and Charlotte are named after my friends from school who have still kept in touch in spite of the distance. Whereas, Jovita is named after my childhood best friend who I shared many amazing memories with, she was the one to first take me to a night club, she taught me to sing, she also taught me to ride the train.

Women inspire women, we don’t realise this, but it is true. Therefore, I present my first collection in honour to all the women in my life and around the world. I hope you find your pair and enjoy it!