Our philosophy

Jerelyn is an Indo - Italian designer, born and raised in India. She moved to Italy in 2013 and studied Footwear Design and Pattern Making in Milan in 2017. She believes that everything about an outfit is hopeless if it not combined with a good pair of shoes.


Jerelyn believes in the idea of being original and different, she believes that style is personal.

Set yourself apart from the crowd if you don’t fit in, don’t be afraid to feel like an outsider. Be happy being yourself!

Calling on this individual personality, She believes that every woman is distinctive and should be free to decide what she wants to wear instead of following trends, be the trend. and has therefore created a shoe for every mood. A confident and independent woman walks out in what she feels best. An independent woman doesn’t need trends to tell her how and what she needs to wear to look good, it is her intuition!

Your style is your personality, it is what makes you different from everyone else even though we are all the same.

Luxury Craftsmanship - Made in Italy & Spain

Our brand is all made by hand from start to finish in Italy and in Spain, every model is designed thoughtfully (always to be different from the rest) unique and genuine. We only create collections that are intricately handmade, thus giving our clients exclusivity and only the best quality.

It is very important to Jerelyn that every shoe is handmade and cared for equally, as the idea was always to create artisanal shoes made by the artisan more and the machine less.

All our women’s shoes are made entirely in Italy, Italy is famous for artisanal shoe making. Italian artisans give importance to good quality materials and is a place where love and passion mingle with the know-how of perfect shoe making.

Our men’s collection is all made in Spain by Spanish artisans with the know how and passion of making high quality men’s shoes using beautiful and grade one Spanish hide. They are experts in Goodyear welt, Blake and Patina.

We love artisans..

Jerelyn believes in supporting artisans especially small and medium scale artisans as she has noticed this skill is disappearing with a lot of small and medium size shoe factories closing down. We want to keep this wonderful profession alive for more women and men to experience and appreciate.

Artisanal products honour time, skill and expertise that goes into the making of each and every piece.  Therefore, all our shoes are made only by small and medium scale artisans from Italy and Spain.